Ontario and Atlantics

Private Collectors

Joey Krueger
Fine Wine Manager
Phone: 647-749-7842
Email: jkrueger@markanthony.com


Leanne Gelok
Consignment Sales Specialist - Ontario
Phone: 647-749-7816
Email: lgelok@markanthony.com

Retail & Restaurants

Terry Johnson
Sales Manager - Ontario
Phone: 289-681-5722
Email: tjohnson@markanthony.com

Christy Ashton
Field Sales Representative - Ottawa
Phone: 613-282-2259
Email: cashton@markanthony.com

Lesley Bloor
Field Sales Representative - GTA East
Phone: 905-259-0610
Email: lbloor@markanthony.com

Charlotte Cameron
Field Sales Representative - Toronto
Phone: 416-999-1032
Email: ccameron@markanthony.com

Brad Field
Field Sales Representative - Northern Ontario
Phone: 705-493-4977
Email: bfield@markanthony.com

Deirdre Franks
Field Sales Representative - GTA North
Phone: 647-273-5614
Email: dfranks@markanthony.com

Alyson Douglas
Field Sales Representative - London
Email: adouglas@markanthony.com

Jeff Longo
Field Sales Associate- Golden Horseshoe
Phone: 647-688-8908
Email: jlongo@markanthony.com

Jessica Barber
Field Sales Representative - Tri Cities
Phone: 519-496-7828
Email: jbarber@markanthony.com

Connor Thomas
Field Sales Representative - GTA West
Phone: 647-880-9062
Email: cthomas@markanthony.com

Alex Strachan
Field Sales Associate - GTA West
Phone: 250-768-6477
Email: astrachan@markanthony.com


Kaity Mattsson
Sales Manager - Ontario
Phone: 647-828-8331
Email: kmattsson@markanthony.com

Jillian Kirk
Fine Wine Key Account Manager
Phone: 416-616-7078
Email: jkirk@markanthony.com

Kirsty Morrison
On Premise Account Manager - Ottawa
Phone: 613-794-3630
Email: kmorrison@markanthony.com

Erica Wilson
On Premise Account Manager - GTA West
Phone: 613-302-1488
Email: ewilson@markanthony.com

Chiara Demedeiros
On Premise Account Manager - Toronto 
Phone: 416-988-9323
Email: cdemedeiros@markanthony.com

Patrick Pazos
On Premise Account Manager - Toronto
Phone: 705-717-5465
Email: ppazos@markanthony.com

Ontario Sales Office

Anita Webb
Director, Sales - Ontario
Phone: 647-210-5144
Email: awebb@markanthony.com

Katie Lucenti
Key Account Manager - Ontario
Phone: 647-787-8762
Email: klucenti@markanthony.com

Andrew Leonard
Key Account Manager - Ontario
Phone: 647-515-2150
Email: aleonard@markanthony.com

Kiesha Delgado
Sales Coordinator - Ontario
Phone: 647-749-7801
Email: kdelgado@markanthony.com

Megan Boland
Sales Coordinator - Ontario
Phone: 647-894-2008
Email: mboland@markanthony.com

Patrick Bennett
Field Sales Associate - Toronto
Phone: 416-660-2336
Email: pbennett@markanthony.com

For general inquiries, please contact one of our offices across Canada or e-mail us at info@markanthony.com.